Theresa Stehly
Serving All Citizens

My Pledge to All Citizens

I pledge:

  1. -To give the citizens a place at the table of city affairs

  2. -To ensure basic services like snow gates, snow removal, street maintenance, clean drinking water, police and fire protection are sustained

  3. -To keep Sioux Falls an affordable place to live by keeping water and sewer rates low, property taxes in check

  4. -To ensure your tax dollars are well spent and accounted for.

Days until April 12, 2016 election:


Theresa Stehly

On February 10th, I received the news from my dear friend Councilman Kermit Staggers that he would not be running for re-election. 

Kermit’s integrity, honesty and care for the citizens has been an inspiration to me these past 20 years.

I will always appreciate his support in this April 12, 2016 election.

Vote to put a people’s voice in the process, vote Theresa Stehly

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Theresa Stehly for City Council - 1621 S. Van Eps Ave - Sioux Falls, SD 57105 - ph: (605) 332-1363


Early and Absentee voting begins March 28.

Vote Early and brings your friends!

Go to the Minnehaha County Auditior’s office 415 N. Minnesota Ave.

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